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like magic

The South East Essex band networking night at the community center didn't go well then! We were the only ones there so it was a bit of a set back for the boys who are desperate to reach out to fellow musicians who feel the joy of music like us, and want to make music to push ideas forward into the future – fact. The guys were a bit disappointed and teary, but we dried all our eyes, had a group hug, and spontaneously (like magic) just did acapella versions of our b-sides which soon brought the smiles back. The acoustics were great, and the caretaker looked dumbfounded in the corner as he waited to lock up - fact. He even declined offers of autographs (which was fine). So every cloud has a silver lining! We just feel so lucky to be still touching people. Even if it was the caretaker! We laughed till we cried – (again). Exciting! Watch this space.

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