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bit of a character

I've just read that the new president of the USA is going to be elected soon, and it is basically between Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump. Well if you don't know who Donald Trump is I suggest you have a look for him online because he is a bit of a character I can tell you. The guys are pretty clued on current affairs and I'm telling ya, they are well aware of him, so check him out. Hilary was previously married to Bill who was actually the president in the 90s you might remember. But yeah, he is an interesting guy. Quite right wing it would seem, but clearly a successful businessman and a bit of a player with the ladies it would seem! People may even know more than me, but it’s difficult when you’re a full time musician, living and breathing the magic of guitar, bass, vocals, drums and the human soul. As you know music is what really changes people, so you have to compromise really. Fact! (Exciting).

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