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wow! It's so exciting getting ready for Christmas with the guys.

All sat round in our onesies, drinking eggnog (as usual), wrapping presents, eating seasonal cheeses, writing Christmas cards, watching festive films, making our own decorations, listening to our rehearsal tapes, deciding on our new rock sound for 2017, making xmas stocking fillers out of newspaper for each other with sticky tape, analysing video footage of our stagecraft (then doing impressions of each other obviously), thinking about our new years resolutions, having group hugs while taking it in turns to give motivational speeches, wiping each others tears of wonder away when we think about the magnitude of our complete passion for contemporary rock music, then laughing so hard that it hurts like an emotional rollercoaster born of elves and lapland and the joy of singing, then eating seasonal humous dips with a variety of spices and regional european olive oils, fact!! Watch this space. Exciting.

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