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So, the boys have been doing team building exercises to improve the atmosphere when we are 'rocking' out (cause you know how intense it can be when you are in a team that needs to build into a more complete unit because it can be intense - fact). We have tried all sorts, but I always found knitting quite relaxing when we are waiting to go on stage. Some people listen to audio books, or just stare, but 'drop one pearl one' (terms) works for us. So, we were booked for some 'Knit' building tuition this week from a pro-knitter, but Lee forgot his knitting needles! He was upset understandably. Lucky he had his drum sticks, (cause he has found they work just as well! Fact). We had a group hug and now he is knitting a new Eight Rounds Rapid drum skin for Christmas. And some guitar cosies for the boys. Exciting! Watch this space.

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