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Wow! It is such an exciting time to be still in a band I can tell you. If you want it enough, and you are prepared to try hard enough, for long enough, and keep going and keep trying, even after everyone says don't bother, it will definately happen. Fact. And, I'll tell you another thing, it is so exciting to have finished another song. Yes indeed. And, we have another video being planned as well. This Saturday. Do you want to be in it, (cause we need you!) In central London on Saturday. There will be a famous person there too, from the telly, doing fan selfies all day and he doesn't mind. You will almost definitely appear in the video. If you pay us you can have a proper close up cameo if you want as well. Fact. Just message us if you are interested and we will give you details. It's just good to be alive really.

Watch this space!

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