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at home in this situation

So, yesterday the band went up to London to do some sightseeing. We went all over london, taking in the scenes of history around our capital city 'the big smoke', with all its stories and deafening sounds which are so exciting to our creative senses. We went to Soho and saw a film and in the audience was famous people such as Alan Yentob, Mark Lamar, Mark Commode and others. We felt at home in this situation with all the famous people and clearly fitted in to that world of success. It is uncertain whether they recognised us from all our exposure in the music press and the many gigs we have done around the country in Southend, but I suspected that they sensed we were in a band by the vibe we give off. I kept staring at them, and their slightly embarrassed faces made it clear that they knew something was up. It's kind of like magic. That's music.

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