December 19, 2015



Bit chilly today. Brrrrrrrrr! Really cold. Think I might have to head to the sauna and strip down, take my seat on the bench and chill out in the steam. The guys will probably be there anyway, talking about new tune ideas, and exploring new possibilities in the chang...

December 18, 2015


It’s a dilemma that all bands have. Do you stick to your successful guns that have proven so successful with the sound and feel you have in the band, or do you experiment with cool sounds that you hear elsewhere to make your sound different to what it was before. Well...

December 17, 2015


Been reading a lot of music magazines recently and I have noticed that we are not in any of them. I hear you nodding in agreement. It’s strange but I think it is because of many reasons. ‘I don’t think they want to talk about us’ is one theory, but my other theory is...

December 7, 2015


Been chasing up a venue who owe the band £23.50 for a gig we did and didn’t get paid. (They say there is a problem with that due to the attendance again). You might think this kind of cash means nothing to a band like 8rr, who already have an album in the top 50,000 r...

December 3, 2015



Someone came up to me recently on the street saying that he had seen me with the guys at a recent gig and said that he felt 'very ambivalent' about us. He said that he 'neither liked us nor disliked us' and he said he 'didn’t clap once' or experience 'any emotion' on...

December 2, 2015


Decisions decisions. When you are in a band you have to make a lot of decisions on almost a delay basis. What music do you want to play? What style are you going to go for this week? What gigs are you going to put on this week and next week? What new words are you goi...

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