June 17, 2015


Went to the local music shop earlier to browse the instruments. The music shop has a lovely smell of new wood and plastics and it is a heady mix that always gets my creative juices going about music and songs with all the instruments. Someone in there said they had se...

June 15, 2015


Bad news today. The PPI guys said that I am not entitled to any money after all. I think they had initially phoned me up to raise my hopes but had not actually done all the research into my finances to establish my actual finances. It has kind of made me feel blue so...

June 9, 2015

 Slow news day today so nothing much going on. I’m sure all the guys are at work on their ideas for our rehearsal tonight. It gives me a warm feeling inside when I think about the joy they will be bringing to our fans later down the line with our riffs, licks, rolls, r...

June 8, 2015


Today was at the recording studio recording some new music with our producer who produces our music. I always learn a lot when doing this. There are so many switches and dials on the mixing desk that it is really confusing but luckily we don’t need to touch them becau...

June 5, 2015


I have seen the website besteveralbums.com that confirms what I always thought about our album lossleader that we made. We have made their chart. It is officially in at 44,518. I wanted to get into the top 50,000 so this is huge. This is massive. I just want to thank...

June 3, 2015

Rehearsal today. Not so good today. Sometimes you just don't groove. We tried so hard but it just didn't happen. We all got angry but these things take time. We all had a group embrace at the end to leave things on a good note and we did remember the running joke about...

June 2, 2015


Ten minutes to park today. The rest of the guys were getting frustrated in the van and started fretting. Some started picking up their instruments. I felt sorry for them so after a while I chipped in with some light singing even though I was driving. It just happens l...

June 1, 2015


Happy today. Got a nice phone call from the PPI guys who said that I am due a refund. I had no idea that I had been paying hundreds of pounds that were wasted. If you think about all the bands that have been blighted by this, it really beggars belief. Sorry, but it ma...

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