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EightRoundsRapid were formed in 2010 with Lee Watkins, Simon Johnson, David Alexander and Jules Cooper.


The band have a blues emphasis but the lyrical content of the songs were also seen as a strength, with comparisons made to Television and Wire, setting them apart from orthodox blues bands of the time.


Tom Robinson was first to provide the band with airplay on his Introducing Mixtape, followed by Gaz Crowley, Radcliffe & Maconie on BBC6, and then Mark Radcliffe's music club on

BBC radio 2.


Many live events followed in the London and Essex areas,

but most notably as a support band for Wilko Johnson on his farewell tour of the UK in 2013, and then the comeback

tour in 2015.


Their debut album Lossleader came out in 2014, published

on the Cadiz label, which received wide critical acclaim in

Mojo Magazine, Uncut Magazine as well as the Daily Mirror

news-paper. Music critic Everett True has also singled out the band for their authenticity on the Collapse Board  website.


The band have release their second album Objet D'art in

March 2017 on the Cadiz label.

EightRoundsRapid are a band.

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